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Moves like this are something I treat like a last resort. Explosion and Selfdestruct are particularly notable in the way that it can be sometimes used to take out something extremely bulky and is mowing through your team, provided you can survive to use the move. So yes, this strategy isn't always viable.

However since the recent generations we've seen new types of suicide moves that have beneficial effects. Healing Wish could bring you out of the woods especially in a situation where you benched a powerful pokemon with a few HP because they brought out it's counter and have dealt with that already and are getting destroyed by yet another. But that's just a specific scenario so the strategy still isn't highly viable.

Moves like Destiny Bond are good, especially if they throw out something that can take you out, you can take it out and possibly prevent it from sweeping any other team members, so that's actually a fair trade off in a battle. That makes this move the most viable out of all of the suicide moves. Because at least it guarantees that if they knock you out that turn, then you will be able to take them out with you and possibly prevent it from mowing your team down.
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