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    Sage Smith and Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn sighed as Roxas quickly left. His eyes had seemed cold the moment she mentioned her problems. Maybe she had upset him in some way, or made him mad. "oh well" she muttered finishing her food. Frowning she threw away her trash and looked at Eris. "might as well go to class huh Eris" she said making the small Fennekin yip and nod. "alright lets go" she said grabbing her bag and then picking up her Pokemon and walking towards the classroom.

    "Good Morning sir." the girl said in response to him and Sage nodded with a smile. "Class is a short one today, once one more person gets here I'll start. Anyone that shows up late will just get the assignment and have to give it to me later." he said sitting at his desk at the front of the room as he heard footsteps approaching he didn't even look up.

    Rosalyn sighed as she looked at her older brother. She didn't want to be here. Not one bit but she knew she had to be. I just hope he doesn't cause trouble she thought seeing the other student with an open seat next to her. "Is this seat taken?" she asked kindly making her brother looked up quickly.

    So she did show up he thought smiling at his sister. He did care for her a lot, but he couldn't help be who he was. Though he had promised himself to help her when their father arrived the next day.

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