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Kingsley Barajas
Of Colours and Mayhem
Part 01

Theme: Moonsetter

Noises in the horizon, a ship pops from beyond. Yet another addition to the Island's rooster of what could probably become survivors had joined. The name is Kingsley, one you shouldn't forget... Unless you don't appreciate your life at all.

"Pika!" Maxinne exploding with excitement.

"Yup, pi-freakin'-ka." Kingsley was still hesitant of him taking the right decision or not... He had yet to see, as the ship -and the challenge concealed within this island- had yet to begin.


Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. This is no different than Hoenn.It is just an island... with some psycho stealing Pokemon and doing god knows what to those who lose all their Pokemon... Not exactly the kind of thing he would like to analyze right now. But he couldn't help it. He just needed to know what that guy was up to... An army? World domination? Both? The amount of worst case scenarios is... huge for this particular case.

Trying to focus on something else, he throws the first Pokeball he can find on his bag, falling right in front of him.

"MANCE!" Dyonesse cries as she pops among the classic glitter and sparkles that come from a Pokeball.

"You, like... wanna walk around or something?" He couldn't ensamble a more decent question, his mind was just not where it needed to... That guy said something about Pokemon in the island... Maybe just being with them is what he needs?

"MANCE!" Dyonesse yells in a generic sign of approval.


"Zigzagoon!" A tiny raccoon laughed as it ran around with Dyonisse, quite a rare sight of a chase... Is that racoon actually chasing a Salamance?! Furthermore, the entire evening? Seriously, it's almost late night, they should be looking for some place to sleep at right now.

"He's got quite the nerve." King said to himself as he watched from a slight distance. These fields were filled of Pokemon that even he knew were cute. Sunlight reflecting on Dyonesse's capsule as he held it with his left hand. Eyes locked in it as he wondered if this would be the last time he would see any of his Pokemon.

It had been quite the while since he arrived, and he still couldn't shake those words from his head. Losing his Pokemon... never to see them again. Kingsley shrugged at the mere thought of it. He wouldn't lose any of his pals. He wouldn't allow it. At all.

"Goon!" The raccoon held an Oran Berry towards Dyonesse, who blushed and shook all around while laughing.

"God. Damnit. That's adorable." He said as he called Salamance from the distance, "Time to go, lovey-dovey!"

Salamance cried in joy as it flew towards Kingsley, who luckily managed to seal the dragon Pokemon back inside its capsule before being slammed by it.

"In case you're wondering, we'll probably hang around here tomorrow... just sayin'"

"GOON!" The raccoon cheerfully replied as he gazed King walking away, only to lay in the fields as if it was nobody's business. Kingsley knew he wouldn't find a hotel in the middle of the fields, so his only choice was to lay mid-fields... and hope nothing ate him while asleep...

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