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Heyyyy server peeps! I remember addressing to you guys exactly about promotions and asking for feedback (and if you haven't read Aslan's beautifully constructed post on the topic, do so now) and all, but I'd rather post it here, just in case anyone has suddenly forgotten.

Okay, so how does this work? Well, it's not hard. It's more like asking for constructive criticism on behavior, usually. If you really want to move up in the ranks of our showdown chat, perhaps sometime in the future, what must you do? What aspects of yourself must you fix? Maybe you shouldn't break as many rules, or maybe you should lessen a certain habit that might appear as disturbing to other users? These and much much more are what our moderators consider when going over candidates, and no one is a clear exception to that. If you Private Message one of our mods, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to tell you what they would think of you as staff, but again do not think in any way that this means we're looking. It's constructive feedback, and should be taken as such.

Also, even if you do follow the advice we give you, do not get your hopes up in any way that you're going to get staffed. Remember, the current staff carefully go over everything (not just about the person themselves. Whether it's necessary to have more auth, and things of that nature), so just because you managed to follow our advice, that doesn't mean you'll get staffed. It just means you're becoming a better user, which is on the right path to perhaps being staffed, but this is just to avoid hurt feelings over promotions. And trust us, from what we've observed, there's a lot of that going around. And hurt feelings doesn't really look good, because that means that you're really on the server for power. .___. Why really go there for power and not have fun like you're supposed to? But I digress.

That said, the advice that is given to you is on a "take it or leave it" basis. We are not bothered either way, because again, you are the person that asked, therefore you must act. ^^; Remember guys, you're the people that make the choices and the decisions and hold the power to stop bad habits. We as the moderation team are merely giving you feedback on what should/shouldn't be done.

In any case, that's all from me. n_n Have an enjoyable time at the server, guys!

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