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Day 02 - Your least favourite video game(s)

I can't say that there's one single game that's my least favorite compared to any other, so I'll just throw a blanket over the numerous first-person shooter games out there. This isn't to mean that they're bad at all, but I've just never found myself able to enjoy any of the games in the genre.

Day 03 - A video game that is underrated

I know that I'm forgetting a game, but another one that always stuck out in my head was Driver: Parallel Lines. It scored slightly above average reviews at best from different game critics, but I found that I enjoyed it a lot more than Grand Theft Auto 3 and any of its sequels (despite them having much higher reviews).

I guess I loved the fact that the story took place over two different time periods (1978 & 2006), as the same character. You could really see a significant difference in cityscape, vehicles and characters, yet you still knew exactly where you were going, if you knew the map well enough. It also had a pretty good soundtrack, much like those of GTA, too.
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