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    Your 'major bug' is probably because you set the battle in a double battle, which causes the game to freeze when loading. Double battles always have to be two people like twins, duo, etc.

    Also, (as said before,) your hack is a bit outclassed by other 649 hacks like BBVW, Ying Black/Yang White, etc. I'd suggest you to implement something that distinguishes your hack from them. Why not try to experiment with script or map editing? Just something so one gets a fresh feeling when playing this hack. This will surely make your hack a lot more attractive. But then again, you did state it was different enough, so...

    But congratulations on the big effort you put into this. I hope your final product is a beautiful hack.

    A terrible hack; you don't want to play it.
    I'll have a nice platinum hack up soon!

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