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Originally Posted by Dubstep View Post
I'm in favor of this. Since I was last here I've started writing more short stories, which are probably harder for most to comment on.

I haven't done much browsing here yet, but a quick glance shows a lack of summaries. I personally don't commit to anything longer than a short story unless I can gauge my own interest at the start, and without a summary the first several lines will suffice (which may not be fair). Improved organization and display of stories might help.

Something along the lines of a weekly critique swap would be interesting, too.
I guess how people present their threads (ie starting with a summary or not) is up to them, but if there was some way to implement summaries for stories then it may be something to consider implementing.

We did have a thread in which people could submit their story with a summary to it as a master list of sort, but it just didn't get used for a good while, and still requires people to read through it first. Maybe if we could do something like the fan section's Oekaki's ( - look at the top, below the subsections) which previewed a fic at random each time the page was reloaded, would that be interesting to people?

There's a few issues with it - firstly we'd possibly need a new system for it (because the Oekaki hasn't been updated for over a year and is made for images, and idk how that's even handled/etc). And then if it's some fancy automated system then what happens with fics over than a month since their last update? (Given the no bumping rule). Unless we just drop that, hmm...

If I was really ambitious I could make a simple .swf which could display the above given a list of fics/summaries and do it at random (I know enough coding to do that), and that could be put in the forum's section splash, but then there's a matter of if we can even put .swf files in there.

Alt is that we bug audy to make a system for it, but he's doing a lot as it is (and more important stuff in terms of making the forum work...). So I'll just leave it at that and see what you think of that.

The simple solution - Astinus chooses a fic at random every week and features it in the forum splash. It's just far less fancy and... needlessly uncomplicated. =p
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