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Day 03 - A video game that is underrated


A platforming game in which you control a ninja who have to save the world with the help of your sensei who died in the beginning of the game.
Every level is completely different from the previous ones and the boss battles are always different too. You also have so many moves to use from; you can double jump, fly with your sword, you can run up walls, wall jump, grind on rails, swing with your grappling hook, run at high speed like in Sonic games and you can also become a ball like in Super Monkey Ball.
The NPCs are smart when you're battling so you can't only hack and slash, you gotta use different sets of moves to defeat them.
The boss matches can differ from defeating a flock of boats from reaching the bay to a boxing match with a huge robot.
The controls are very fluid and easy to play, the game gets a bit difficult after some time but the high number of checkpoints makes it dying friendly.
You also have a level up system for the color of your belt and the color of your sword. So you'll always want to level those up since it helps you with enemies in the game.
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