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    Kiki gasped as the attack flew at Mouser. The mouse leapt left and... Barely got hit, but it was a hit regardless. Kiki laughed crazily as the fire flew at her, and she leapt back, just out of it's reach. Yes! She had dodged! She looked at Mouser, who was a bit tired, and returned him.

    "Well, you win this little practice match. Mouser is confused, he won't be able to keep it up." she said, walking over and hugging Shawn.


    Brian shook his head no. That was TOO dangerous, walking right back into the lion's den. last time half of his friends were hurt.

    "No... No I don't want me or my friends to get attacked like that again. going right back to that spot is asking for them to try to kill us one more time. I can't put my friends in danger like that!" he said, his tone firm for once. He gave Lucia a very stubborn look and crossed his arms.
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