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<33 Thank you Anna for letting me pick an episode~! But yay, I finally got around to watching. From class stress to a sore neck (...again), it's been kinda hard.

Hahaha, I love Max's "are you nuts?" in reaction to Ash telling Pikachu to slice open the watermelon with Iron Tail. May's reactions are pretty priceless, too. Gah, the dub voice actors are really talented... shame they had to be with 4Kids. :( But yeah, moving on!

Somehow Treecko can spit like 200 seeds out in a few seconds from taking a few bites into the watermelon. Totally unrealistic, hahaa. But I gotta say I'm not too big a fan of the CoTD in this episode.. her dub voice is kind of annoying, though her watermelon-painted Electrode was great. Overall this episode was pretty fun but the sudden perfect Bullet Seed at the end seemed kind of random/out of place.

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