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49, 47, 42.

Steven is not in his 40's.
I make him out to be in his mid/maybe late 20's.

Plotter and Storyliner (8 spots available)
Lead tester for spelling, map errors or bugs (0 spots available)
Testers for spelling, map errors, and bugs (7 spots available)
Lead spriter and artist (1 spot available)
Spriters and artists (9 spots available)
Mappers (19 spots available)
Eventers (9 spots available)
Lead scripter (1 spot available)
Scripters (4 spots available)
Supporters (10 spots available)
Also; that's a lot of ''help'' needed.

Are you even doing anything yourself?

EDIT: Why do you need only 10 supporters? o.O

Surely you can have as many as you like?

Just strollin' to my next destination...
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