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Hey there, I as wondering if you'd like to trade these pokemon to me:

Victini ♁ Lv. 50
OT: Movie14 | 12031
Rash | Victory Star
V-create - Fusion Flare - Fusion Bolt - Searing Shot

Meloetta ♁ Lv. 50
OT: SPR2013 | 3013
Timid | Serene Grace
Round - Teeter Dance - Psychic - Close Combat

I can offer other event pokemon, if you'd like. How does the PC nagoya magikarp event, and the PC fukuoka Kyogre event sound in exchange for these two? Provided I can receive a duplicate of my events in return. I'm collecting events now ahahah Let me know if they interest you my friend and have a good day too!

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