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    Since I'm dropping Genevieve for a new character here she is

    Name: Oerba Dia Vanille

    Nickname: Vanille (she'll only respond to her last name)

    Age: 15

    Sex: Female

    Dorm: Suicune

    Appearance: Her bright red hair is tied in curled pigtails. She has green eyes, and pierced ears adorned with silver hoop earrings. She wears a light pink halter top, an orange and yellow skirt, and beige boots. She wears a fur pelt around her waist. She wears numerous bracelets, and three beaded necklaces, along with an assortment of beads attached to various parts of her clothing. Her outfit is inspired by the traditional clothes of the Namibian Himba women.


    Personality: Vanille has a noticeable childlike innocence when first glanced at. But she uses it to hide her maturity. She is compassionate, understanding, considerate, but she can also be very headstrong and stubborn. She hates to be wrong. Vanille is also very empathetic, she is sensitive to others emotions, is easily driven to the point of tears and deeply caring towards others. Because of this she easily tends to take blame for situations whether or not she was the one at fault in them. She uses her bubbly personality to hide her strong feelings of fear and uncertainty.

    History: Vanille was born and raised in Verdanturf Town in the Hoenn Region. A miracle child to parents who thought they would never have a child Vanille was raised in a happy and loving environment. On the same day that she was born her mothers Skitty had an egg that hatched at the same time as her birth and the baby Skitty was gifted to the infant child as a friend and companion. As the years past, Vanille and her Skitty which she named Merida as soon as she was old enough to talk spent their days playing and exploring the Contest Hall and watching the contests making Vanille wish to be able to do that when she was older and they also played and trained in Rusturf Tunnel. Wanting to be just like the coordinators she had seen growing up, Vanille took great care of Merida, treating her with love, keeping her well groomed and training her in a way to make er moves beautiful yet powerful. Shortly after she turned 15 her parents decided to enroll her in the Pokemon Trainer Academy and not long after she received her letter and her father took her to the academy for her to take her entrance exams where she passed both perfectly. Now on her way to the Academy for the second time, this time to stay Vanille hopes to learn enough to accomplish her dream to become a top Pokemon Coordinator.

    Species: Skitty
    Nickname: Merida
    Personality: Merida is her trainers best friend and cares about her deeply. She wants to please Vanille and like her trainer wishes to participate in contests. Though Merida also has a strong wish to evolve at some point in order to become even better. Merida also hates her Pokeball but thats okay since Vanille never has her in it.
    Lvl: 30
    Moves: Zen Headbutt, Sing, Attract, Faint Attack, Ice Beam, Charm

    Opening Post: Vanille smiled as she felt the wind blow towards her face. The sky was a beautiful blue in color, not a cloud in sight and the sun was shining. It was warm out, but not to warm because of the gentle breeze and the droplets of water that hit her from her position leaning against the railing of the boat it was very nice. Closing her eyes Vanille smiled more she was so excited for this next phase in her life. Her parents wanted what was best for her and she was excited to meet new people. She just hoped she made a friend quickly. “Skitty! Skitty” Merida chimed from near her feet and Vanille opened her eyes and looked down.

    “That's right Merida we're going to learn so much here, I can't wait” she giggled happily clapping her hands together making her bracelets jingle.

    “Now docking at the Pokemon Trainer Academy” a voice announced over the PA system.

    “lets go Merida” Vanille said grabbing her suitcase and walking off the boat followed by her Skitty. Pulling out a piece of paper an looking at the map. “The office is this way, come on Merida” she said walking in the direction the map told her to go, and sure enough within a few minutes the main building of the academy was before her. “here we are” she muttered entering the office and smiling at the secretary. “Hello” she said handing over a piece of paper with her admission info on it.

    The secretary looked up and gave her a once over before looking at the paper. “Oerba Dia Vanille, Suicune Dorm, welcome to the Pokemon Trainer Academy. Classes are already scheduled for the day, so you'll have your first class here tomorrow. For today just get settled in and learn your way around. Keep that map on you it will be useful” she said.

    Vanille nodded before speaking. “I go by Vanille, my last name” she said. Preferring her surname to her first name.

    “I'll make note of that in your file” the secretary said with a dismissive wave of her hand. Seeing the dismissal Vanille turned and left the office with her new blue jacket in her hand.

    “This clashes with my outfit. I probably won't wear it much.” she muttered looking at her map again. “Follow me Merida” she smiled walking towards the Suicune dorm. Entering the building she followed the directions to her room and walked in putting her suitcase down. “I'll unpack later, lets go explore” she said running out of the dorm her Skitty at her heels.