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Agnes Johansson - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
Agnes only looked back once, towards the room she had left the other option in. A royal family of some kind, the Atlantean kind obviously. They sounded important and mighty and maybe also wealthy? It was alluring.

But she only looked back once. Walking towards the other direction were two men who wanted her to come. They didn't poke a needle in her and they didn't ask her questions of the difficult kind. They just wanted her. A smile played on her lips as it dawned on her that she was needed and even wanted.

Plus, these guys were kind of funny, too. At least the poor goat man.

That's why she followed them outside the Atlantean Centre without any qualms. Santa girl... or boy, he would be fine. She couldn't really believe that the royal family would be mean towards anyone. People weren't mean without reason. Not in Agnes' world.

The day was fresh and still windy when they exited the building. Agnes' teeth shone in the sun that gleamed through the yellowish layer of clouds high above. Clouds she one day wanted to touch. With the help of the AUP, maybe it could become reality.

Now they just needed to get away from the library building without attracting attention and looking like they were sneaking away. Because Agnes had a feeling that the guards that confronted her before wouldn't really let people change their mind once they had entered...
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