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Episode 23: "The Tower of Runes! Seeking the song of fire!" (part 2)

"Here we are--the famed Tower of Runes." Brock mused as he and Wendy arrived in the first room of the tower's second floor.

"Nobody here but us Rattatas and...a harp?" Wendy was intrigued by a harp sitting by the door leading to the next room.

Brock, meanwhile, picked up a piece of paper, and examined it. "Wonder what this is...looks like a piece of sheet music..."

[Let me see!] Hinata offered. After studying the piece of sheet music in Brock's hands for a moment, she gasped. [The notes on the staff are the same notes for Brock's "fire" spellsong!]

[Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul....] Emi sang, but the door didn't budge. [It didn't work...]

[No, look...the notes here are the notes Brock usually sings for this song--low re, la, ti, do, re, ti, so, la....] Tenku explained, pointing out each note to Emi as she named them.

A thoughtful look appeared on Brock's face."Maybe If I tried playing those notes on the harp...."

"Worth a try..." Wendy mused. "Maybe this is how all those other would be explorer's died--they had no clue how to solve Meloetta's puzzles, and literally died trying to solve them."

Brock, meanwhile, hurried over to where the harp stood, and very gently plucked the strings that matched the notes on the piece of sheet music, making the door to the next room rumble open. [It worked!] Satomi squeaked.

"Onward!" Wendy led the way into the room.

"And that harp was somehow still in tune..." Brock grinned, pleased with himself for figuring out the puzzle's solution. "After Arceus knows how many years..."

"This is Meloetta's domain, so I'm sure she keeps every instrument in here tuned." Wendy replied. "The next question is how we're going to get out of here with no apparent exit besides where we came from...." Sure enough, aside from a few ragged tapestries from an era long past, and the walls filled with glowing runes, there was no obvious exit.

[Silly, just do what Link does!] Raku giggled. [Hit a switch or something with an arrow and ta da! There's a door!]

"Well, there's a huge difference from video games and the real world, Raku." Wendy explained. "Although I have a feeling some of our knowledge from Zelda and RPGs may help us here...."

"So if I have to hit something to open the door, where's the target?" Brock asked Raku.

[Yes--what is Brock supposed to hit to open the door?] Tenku asked Raku.

[Um...] Raku glanced around the room, desperately looking for something that remotely resembled a switch or a target. [Maybe one of those ancient banners has a switch!]

[Great idea!] Hinata agreed.

Tenku fluttered over to a tapestry hanging by the entryway and carefully lifted the edge with her beak. [No switches there...] She then flew over to another tapestry, where she found a dull red stone behind the ragged tapestry. [Try hitting this red stone!] she called down to Brock.

"Okay..." Brock readied an arrow, then fired. The arrow struck the stone, making a soft A note as the arrow impacted, and making part of the northern wall slide open like a door.

[What I tell ya?] Raku smiled as the group made their way through a dark passageway.

Some giggles and laughter filled the air as the group emerged into the next room. "Aw, Ralts!" Wendy gasped as an array of white humanoid Pokemon gossiped with each other and played games,all under the watchful eye of a Gardevoir.

The Gardevoir heard Wendy's cry and smiled. I commend you and your companion for finding the way into our secret place.

"We come in peace--Meloetta bade us find the Fire Ruby." Brock explained.

I know--we heard the whole song when you arrived. the Gardevoir replied. My name is Ariane--my children and I watch over the tower, and inform Meloetta on a seeker's progress.

"Can you tell us anything about what else to expect in the tower?" Wendy asked.

While I can't specifically name anything that awaits you here, I can tell you that the two of you must use your wits and battle skills as you progress. Ariane replied. As you discovered when you played the harp, not every puzzle will have an obvious solution.

"In other words, what we've used in video games is real here?" Brock wondered.

[i]Not quite--while what you have learned in the virtual worlds may help you on your quest, no part of the Tower or the other seven sanctums is an exact replica of places you may have found in those worlds.[i] Ariane cautioned before two Ralts brought her a ruby ring and a sapphire ring. if you should somehow perish in the sanctums, these rings will revive you in the sanctum's safe room--which is here, in the case of the Tower.

"Thanks!" Wendy smiled as she put on the sapphire ring.

[Oooh....] Emi admired her reflection in the small circular ruby surrounded in leaf and swirl inlays.

When you do earn the right to sing spellsongs, the ring can also be an option to channel the magic, as well. a Ralts added.

Wendy admired the deep blue stone surrounded in a silvery starburst design. "Thank you, again--we promise we will not lose or break these."

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