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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    how did this become a discussion about fonts?

    But serious guys, im in serious need of a designer.. I just cant do this whole design crap, here is something I came up with today that to me looks good in theory just in reality it just plan sucks..

    What do you guys think?
    You need to use less clashing colors, like that black on a grey gradient is difficult to see. Also black on grey or darker blue? Same deal.
    Also using a backshadow onto a white background that happens to be part of a container looks bad.
    Also moving elements that are unrelated on hover is usually a bad idea.
    More defined margins would also be a good idea because the unaligned elements look messy.
    The links bar is also indistinguishable from the body because they are one and the same... You should separate these.
    And finally, if you look at this at high or low resolutions, the element placement becomes incredibly skewed. (I posted screenshots below)

    Zoomed in:

    Zoomed out:

    What I would recommend is to change the color scheme to have more contrast, to add more structure to the element placement, to have more defined borders between elements, and to rethink the scaling and spacing of your elements for larger and smaller screen resolutions.
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