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To be completely honest, I dislike this hack. I know I sound like a real douche, but please hear me out. The thread is really messed up. You jump from this, to that, then that, to this, then you come back to this again, and then suddenly, BOOM! "let the nostalgia sweep over you with Pokemon G/S/C music". I know that's innovative, but your way of speech, I don't know natural or because you are rushing, makes it seem like you don't really care. I mean, look at your signature. What's that? You're just like "Oh yea! I'mma make a hack!" and you make one and then, "Oops! I screwed this one up. Let's make a release and call it Beta 1!!!" and then you continue again and then "Oops! Screwed up again! let's make a Beta 2!!!" and you go on all the way to 7. What in the world is that? this is the first hack that I have ever seen with 7 betas, and still seem so sloppy. And when you're done with Beta 7, let's start a Fixed Edition! then a Second Edition! then a Comeback Edition! this is all SO confusing, and your way of speech just gives me the impression that says "You know what? I don't give a damn". You gotta slow down, and try to organize things up, and also, stop using blinding text colors or text that is so unnecessarilyBIG.