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    Project Orange

    I'm making a fan made Pokemon game of the Orange region other known as Archipelago. I intend to copy it from the anime series and a lot of artwork and new content will get a place in this game. I'm selecting a team that will help me because after a long time of practice I'm still not good at a lot of things in hacking.. This is spriting, scripting and adjusting the engine. Overworld editing I'm good at and I'm good at overworldsprites. Also I have a few new ideas that I didn't see in other hacks. More info about that I will only send to team members. So I hope you like the idea about a game in the orange region and you will join me!

    In need of:
    Titlescreen editor

    Current Members:

    Robin22gongon - spriting, overworldediting

    Application Form:

    Show me some of your work:
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    Skiddo Ivysaur

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