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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Wait... He is in every episode? I didn't know that! I have seen him in the background a couple of times, but I never realized that he was in every episode. I did notice him when reading the comic, though. Speaking of which, has anyone here read the comic?

And ewww female Lemongrab... Just eww. But Flame Prince would be cool.
Yup every episode except the pilot(or the animated short made for Nicktoons) , usually pretty hidden and always waving like in the gif I posted in my last post. It's a neat Easter egg for the fans.

I have yet to read the comic, but this Saturday in America (May 4th ) is an event called Free Comic Book Day. It's a national promotional effort where independent comic book stores give away specially printed comics for free. One of the comics this year has a special preview of the comic. So I'll be sure to pick that up when I go tomorrow. :D

All I know about the Lady Lemongrabs is that they're in the Fionna and Cake comic and apparently are lesbians. (which I don't think is mentioned in the comic, just confirmed by the artist.)

@Laugh That's another episode I'd make, another Simon and Marcy one! I'd explain more of what happened during the Great Mushroom War and what happened afterwords.

Cause we're talking about the snail , I thought of a new topic!

Have you ever spotted the Snail in any episode? (beside his major appearances in the episodes where he's being possessed by The Lich. ) If so how often have you spotted him?

Myself? I have spotted him several times but only because I used the Adventure Time wiki to help me find him. Never tried looking him on my own without assistance but want to try to.
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