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    Chapter 5 ended up...a lot easier with Frederick. I felt like since I wasn't gonna risk babysitting Donny on a chapter like this might as well use Frederick for the last time (I hope). Luckily he didn't end up hogging all the EXP. I got Alm's Sword apparently.

    Honestly, the more I play this game, the less I like it. I'm still early so I can't pass on proper judgment, though.

    Also looks like my avatar is going for Stahl. Guess I'm pairing Lon'Qu with Sully, then. Best male with best female, why not? (their first support conversation was pretty cool.)

    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post

    And I was really looking forward to seeing Tharja's nice a-

    UM...I MEAN...I'm appalled at how Japan objectifies women, shame on them.

    Not only that, but they took out the sparkles!
    Whoa wait, this is real? Has a Nintendo game ever had fanservice like this before? Just curious, because that's a first to me.

    ...I just imagined Sully in a swimsuit. lol

    EDIT: Oh god, the comments say that could be someone's cape. LOL

    That's the thing with jeigans, they seem awesome at first, but then lag behind everyone else later.
    Unless your name is Seth.

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