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With the technology available in the Game Boy at the time, I say they did decent job. As much as I wanted Misty and Brock to follow you around, I know they wouldn't be able to pull off something like that with the limited capabilities of the Game Boy. There would be too much sprite work involved and the fact and triple battles didn't exist yet is also a factor cause they would be able to program them from RBG's original programming and would also throw off the original story. I would mind some more part of the anime's story expanded on, but it could never work too well. I really like they kept most of RBG's story in tact and incorporated some stuff from the anime at the same time. Such as Team Rocket having the team they had in the anime. And also the fact that Pikachu stayed out of it's ball and followed you everywhere. You can't evolve him either and while you can put him in a box, his friendship level decreases and if you try to release it, the game won't let you. Basically you're stuck with a Pikachu but I didn't mind that as kid cause I loved having Pikachu follow me.
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