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    Originally Posted by kearnseyboy6 View Post
    Aah, I am so far off the mark from where I'm at. Are there any good tutorials on how to set breakpoints? Even the table I'm looking in, the pointers I'm finding are not pallette pointers.

    Thanks though, I'm sure if was smarter I would get this haha.
    The color system is much different. It isn't reading actual colors, but more, it is reading what slot in the palette the color is in. Take a look:

    FF 00 00 is 3 bytes.

    There are 8 bits is one byte.

    So, to break those numbers up into groups of 4 bits:

    F F 0 0 0 0


    So, I don't understand exactly how it corelates to each slot in the palette, but the first "F" goes with sprite 0, the second "F" goes with sprite 1, the third number (0) goes with sprite 2, the next with sprite 3, etc. This should be enough info to get you to play around with it. Try looking at a boy's sprite in the table and then a girl's and see how they are different.

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