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    Originally Posted by Gyrath View Post
    Ok, time to elaborate. I'm using Punkrocker's Rom-base

    In A-Map everything looks normal, fine, perfect. Tiles are stunning.. Let's load it with VBA and give it a try!
    1. The first screenshot you see is when im leaving the house but have not yet actually opened the door.
    2. When I do open the door, basically all the bottom tiles of the house suddenly become frozen door animations (or atleast that's what it looks like to me).

    If you want to get the full idea, download the rom-base with the link i supplied.
    It is because of the inserted tiles. When they were placed into the Tileset by the inserter, some parts of the tileset appear to be blank but at the bottom of each tileset, there is a blank bit which is set for the animations of doors as such. These blank areas now contain the bottom of the houses, and so the frames of animation appears when doors are opened.

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