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Originally Posted by Michielleus View Post
Your 'major bug' is probably because you set the battle in a double battle, which causes the game to freeze when loading. Double battles always have to be two people like twins, duo, etc.

Also, (as said before,) your hack is a bit outclassed by other 649 hacks like BBVW, Ying Black/Yang White, etc. I'd suggest you to implement something that distinguishes your hack from them. Why not try to experiment with script or map editing? Just something so one gets a fresh feeling when playing this hack. This will surely make your hack a lot more attractive. But then again, you did state it was different enough, so...

But congratulations on the big effort you put into this. I hope your final product is a beautiful hack.
I wish that was the solution to the bug but sadly it isn't, the battle is and always has been set to a single battle. Also double battles will work on any trainer so long as you change the trainer's unknown value to match, which I have for any trainers that I made into a double battle (same goes for triple/rotation battles). Thank you for trying though.

Who knows, maybe I will go ahead and add something special in the future once I learn how to script and whatnot, but for now I'm going to leave it as is. All I wanted from this hack was to have an actual challenge when playing a Pokemon game and to be able to use my favorites without worrying about stats and such.

Thank you for taking a look, and the criticism, I appreciate it.


I have added a video section to the first post in case anyone would like to see some game play. Its just a quick little bossthrough and it only goes up to the 6th gym so far. I'll be sure to continue adding to it as I continue making the hack.

Another Announcement!

Sadly the document for the level up move edits I did/planned has somehow corrupted when I was editing it on my grandma's computer... Now I'm going to have to retype everything before I can continue making edits.
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