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    Well there is value in simplicity, or perceived simplicity...

    One thing you are going about all wrong is how you are attempting to go about accenting elements...

    I quickly hacked this up for someone a few days ago when I was attempting to explain the "Cascading" part of Cascading Style Sheets, but it also serves as a good example of accenting. Do you see how simple the elements in this page look? And how they change when you click on one or another? What about the visual cues? when mousing over elements or clicking?

    No matter how complex the interface or backend work, a good UI can make it look simple. (Which granted, this is...)

    For example, this is the layout of one of my previous projects: (Somewhat outdated shot with junk test information.)

    Notice how elements are laid out? Spaced? Separated? (Very different from spaced.) Accented? Contrasted?

    When you design something you need to draw attention away from the UI, because the best UIs are the ones that don't get in the way. You can't rush these things, it takes time to make a UI that both appears good and is usable.
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