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    Chapter 1: Rootdry Town

    From his vantage point, Javier saw it all. He saw how the two trainers with the Chimchar and Cyndaquil battled the Houndoom. They were, how can he say, valiant? They were certainly gutsy for standing up against a really high-leveled Pokémon. Javier sighed as he continued to watch them. If I am in their situation, I’d rather run away than confront that. Good thing the Houndoom was caught surprised by the Cyndaquil’s Reversal. The two trainers were really in good luck, but it was not a win. More like, a wild Pokémon fled the scene.

    He also saw how one of the trainers battled the innkeeper. Javier does not know what came into the kid’s mind when he came up to the lady and asked her to a battle. Well, I assume it was the kid who asked for it. Javier waited till everything cleared up. He went down the tree he was in. He was hoping to scavenge a few berries up there, and managed to find a large Watmel Berry. It served as his breakfast. The day before, Professor Pine asked Javier to come to her lab. Javier agreed, thinking that the Professor probably just wanted him to run some errand but, looking at the new faces coming in and out of the lab, Javier guessed that it is not. She’s going to force me into an adventure, right? Not that I don’t like going on an adventure. I really do want to leave this place. But aren’t I too old for this? At 18, Javier is probably the oldest of the kids Pine summoned. Without any Pokémon training experience (he never bothered to come to his grandfather to get a Pokémon), Javier is also feeling awkward for starting his adventure late in his life. But, to hell with that.

    Javier entered the lab. He remembered nothing of the Silph Co. his parents used to work for when they were still alive but he imagined that the building is something along the lines of the lab. There were several rooms left and right where people in white lab coats were busy hustling back and forth. Javier walked on towards the open door at the far end of the hallway, and was surprised to see Professor Pine and another girl talking. So, another one of us new trainers? How many are we?

    Some have already been taken by other trainers, you see.” Professor Pine showed her an empty Pokeball. “But you can take any you like of the ones that are left! Go right ahead!” Pine pat the girl on the back and left her to choose. Pine suddenly saw Javier.

    Javier! Good to see you!” Pine smiled. “I am guessing you’re here for your Pokémon, right?

    You did not tell me anything about picking a Pokémon. I thought you asked for me to run an errand?” Javier accusingly said. Pine frowned.

    Did I? Well, does it matter now. Come pick your Pokémon. Some trainers have come here already, so you may see some empty Pokeballs.

    Tooor!” The girl chose a Torchic and let it out the lab. It was a tiny little thing. It shook its head, and looked around the lab. Both the girl and Pine seemed please.

    I guess it’s my turn now, right” Javier walked up to the table and looked among the remaining Pokeballs. It was marked with various name of species. Javier does not want one species in specific, so he decided to choose randomly. He closed his eyes and let his hand choose. His hand closed around the spherical contraption. Without a moment’s hesitation, he threw the ball. In a flash of light, a Pokémon appeared.


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