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Hey there!
I'm Varion, you may know me from Pokémon Genetics, I haven't stopped working on that, I just get bored with doing one thing all the time, so I'm working on a non-Pokémon game as well.

I present to you, Aboaru.
An 8Bit Styled RPG made with RPG Maker XP.

Once there was a world called Arboaru which contained four great kingdoms.
Aruu, Bawa, Corr, and Earu. They all live in perfect harmony, except
for a fifth kingdom, Dred, like each kingdom, filled with it's own
species, unfortunately, Dred is filled with goblins and demons, who
live off of people's misfortune and tragedy.

The Dred Kingdom have never agreed with the other four kingdoms, always
wanting to be on top, be the masters of everything, and be in command.
But the four kingdoms have always remained solid and defended themselves
from Dred. Until now, the town of Earu is put at panic as you, Duke, are
summoned to the king's room, to have a talk with the King. His crystal
complice has been stolen, by golbins from the Dred kingdom.

If used correctly, the Dred Kingdom could alter reality itself, changing
their place in the world to the top of the food chain, causing them to be
the master race. The King gives you the task of tracking down the elements
and collecting them to be powerful enough to enter the Dred Kingdom, and
saving the world.

With just a few guld and clothes to your name, you must fight and survive
and save the world, because they'll be no tommorow otherwise.

(not to appealing yet)

Battle System to be shown off soon.

World Map:
This is the world of Aboaru:

*Map not final, changes to be made*

Nintendo/Enix - Dragon Warrior Graphics
Nintendo - NES Final Fantasy Battle Style and Graphics.

Just strollin' to my next destination...
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