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Send a message via Skype™ to The Grubby Pup's been forever since I last visit this thread. lol Sorry folks for da slow...almost non-exsitence replies. Anyways, let get to'em.
Originally Posted by Glitch Kitty View Post
I had found a pre-patched version of the game but it seems it's not playable with R4s...The PokeGear doesn't work (it causes an infinite black screen when opened) which makes the game unplayable when called by prof Elm after visiting Mr Pokemon...any solution ?

I had a similar issue with Sol Platinum but it's actually freezes after selecting the starter...
Anyways, if u found a pre-patched version of mah game...that wasn't made by me...I honestly don't know what to say to u. It could be just how da person patched. it coulda just patched the game without adding the ap protection first.

As for Sol Platinum...I have no idea what's going on there. lol That game shouldn't have any kinda should work perfectly on an emulator.

Originally Posted by tifaluv View Post
Morty gave me a bunch of trouble
Me and you both brother...tho, it has been awhile since I've last turned Neo Soulsilver back on. :p

Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
I'm here to report a bug on Neo Soul Silver.

I was playimg very fine going to the 5th gym on my way on the sea, when my crobat passes to lvl 28 if i recall it, and he learnt Mean Lock, when I pressed forget on of my old moves the touch sceen became black, but the music still going xD
Hmm...I dunno. I've never seen that kinda glitch before. Have you've gotten past this...

Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
What's up dude what's taking you so long to complete your new hack i like your games so much
Still working on it, don't worry...I've just finished Reverse Mountain. :I But just like MasterLucario says...I do have other stuff to do than hacking...pokemon. lol

Originally Posted by MasterLucario13 View Post
I'm going out on a limb, and saying that's he working as hard as he can. Believe it or not, pokemon hacking might not be the only aspect of his life!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
Hi! when i tried to open Neo Soul Silver in Pokesav, nothing came up. do you know why? like it was totally blank.
You should use Pokegen...I find it a tad better than Pokesav...that's what I use anyways...just tell me how it goes.
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