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It had been a half an hour since Jack and his new Pokémon partner had ventured out of Rootdry’s town limits and towards the neighboring Ferrow Forest alone. The two trainers the pair had met earlier went their separate ways, possibly in an attempt to bond with the creatures Pine had so graciously gave to them all. Jack himself had been taking the time alone to note some of his Charmander’s key personality traits. From what the Unovan could gather, the fire lizard was an anxious fighter and may show signs of wanting to protect the other Pokémon that Professor Pine raised alongside itself. Then again, it’s also a common trait amongst unevolved Pokémon to challenge stronger Pokémon of the same type due to what some scholars suggest is an inferiority complex.

Jack continued to ponder this conundrum while taking his first steps into the forest. Under the canopy of the flourishing trees around him, the trainer felt a drop in temperature with the sun’s diminished presence. While there was still a high level of visibility within Ferrow, shade was in much abundance with sunlight merely trickling down in a random pattern as it passed through the nooks and crannies of the leaves above. The trail set by Jack and his Charmander was filled with the rustling of fallen leaves and the snapping of small branches, causing many of the skittish Pokémon inhabitants to take cover away from the burning reptilian. While walking, the dirty blonde trainer observed many Pokémon they passed, trying to get an idea as to what to expect for encounters and was happy to see mainly grass and bug types who would be perfect practice for Charmander.

Jack decided that now was a good time to explain how he wanted his new partner to battle, which was considered to be unorthodox compared to the most common method of battling. ”Charmander, before we begin your training, there’s something I want to go over. In battle, I want you to fight as you would naturally against wild Pokémon without having to wait for orders. “ As he spoke, Jack continued to consider the unlucky practice Pokémon. ”But, when I do give you an order, you better follow it. Your natural instincts should serve you well in this forest though, you seem to have the upper hand against everything we’ve seen. “ The Pocket Monster gave a pleased cry, though whether it was happy about the battling freedom he was given or the complement on strength was a mystery to his master.

While he was looking at a particularly promising Bellsprout, the side of Jack’s face made contact with a stinky substance while looking to his side. Had he young man been paying attention, he would’ve seen the web laid out by a Spinarak lurking higher up on a low hanging branch. Miffed that its web had been destroyed by Jack’s carelessness, the six legged spider plopped down from her hiding spot on confronted both man and beast. ”Looks like we have a volunteer,” the trainer said to the trainee. Charmander extended his claws and gave an intimidating growl at the Spinarak, who was clearly getting herself in a position to strike first. Jack only had to merely utter the words “Sic ‘em” and the Fire-type was rushing forwards to engage its opponent.

The Spinarak was prepared and leaped swiftly, leading off the battle with a Poison Sting. Charmander halted his charge short, and the green spider landed in front of him instead of landing stinger first into the red lizard. Anticipating the maneuver, the Spinarak made a second leap at the Charmander, but this time hadn’t the opportunity to get in another poison sting attempt, and the Pokémon was on a collision course with its opponent. Charmander grabbed the forelegs of the Spinarak, but her momentum was too much and they both went tumbling down a nearby slope. Jack followed close by, carefully monitoring the battle and waiting for a moment where he thought it would be necessary to intervene. The two combatants rolled continuously with neither one gaining an edge in the fight. While extended, Charamander’s claws were only scraping against the arachnid’s exoskeleton with no force behind the blow. Likewise, the scales covering Jack’s Pokémon were strong enough to prevent the stinger from idly puncturing through the skin, but many scales on the outmost layer it came in contact with started to deteriorate from the trace amount of poison seeping out of the Spinarak.

At the end of the slope, the inertia forced the two apart, with Charmander rolling forward much farther than Spinarak. Dazed, both Pokémon stumbled to regain stability, though the bug-type recovered first and took advantage of the situation. With a free chance to strike, she opened her mouth and let loose a small stream of her string shot at Charmander’s knees. Hitting its mark, the gooey fibers made it difficult for the reptile to walk. Now vulnerable to attacks, he could only let loose a growl to delay the inevitable attack. Unshaken but caught off guard, Spinarak’s next attack was slightly weaker than it should’ve been, but effective nonetheless. Opening her mouth yet again, a bright light formed at her pincer like mandibles, and out came many small poisonous needles. Many hit the Charmander, whose knees were still out of commission. In retaliation, the flame lizard began to use Dragon Pulse. Forming an energy ball from its mouth, Charmander let loose the attack at high speed towards his attacker. Spinarak tried to shoot a string shot at a nearby tree to make a speedy escape, but her attempt failed and the blue energy ball hit the small spider Pokémon mid-air and it fell to the ground.

Jack had enough of watching his partner Pokémon struggle to move and shouted his first order of the battle. ”Charmander, use your tail flame to burn the web up!” demanded the trainer with years of experience to know the trick would work. Accepting the order without question, Charmander’s tail slithered between its legs. While he was not able to feel the flame from his own tail burning against his body, the lizard could feel his legs free up and smell the charring odor it produced. Realizing both that it was losing its last chance to strike and lose a ranged battle at the same time, the Spinarak made one last desperate charge at the Charmander with the intend to inject it with a potent poison. Another leap into the air made it quite clear to all that she wasn’t going to pull any punches with this attack and was aiming for the head. Luckily for Charmander, the sticky web ensnaring him gave in to the flames and his legs were finally freed.

Sparing not a moment to lose, Charmander ran forward and bent downwards to dodge the poison sting attack, while extending his claws at the same time. With an opportunity to strike the Spinarak’s underside unchallenged, the Fire-type took a might swipe with its right hand, making contact and leaving three visible claw marks. The hit made the target lose her focus, and she fell to the ground in defeat. Fatigue set in on the small spider and Jack, taking the chance to double his party size, tossed a Pokeball at the nearly fainted Pokémon.
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