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Originally Posted by DeLaMuerte View Post
Granted. It's a shame I must corrupt your wish (you worked so hard on it too, it seems!) but since this impenetrable bubble is, well, impenetrable, no Internet can get in so you are unable to play any of the future updates, such as the X and Y update.
I honest-to-goodness actually lol'ed when I read that :3 I guess my "incorruptible wish" wasn't so incorruptible at all :D

Originally Posted by H3115r3p3ntanc3
I wish I have an axolotle (like a mudkip but it's real)
Sure thing but he ran away during the night and you find out in the morning that he evolved into a Ghost-type *if you know what I mean*

I wish that Ash's Pikachu would suddenly do an awesome guitar riff in the anime for absolutely no reason while shouting Pika! Pika! Pi!.

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