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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    We did have a thread in which people could submit their story with a summary to it as a master list of sort, but it just didn't get used for a good while, and still requires people to read through it first. Maybe if we could do something like the fan section's Oekaki's ( - look at the top, below the subsections) which previewed a fic at random each time the page was reloaded, would that be interesting to people?

    There's a few issues with it - firstly we'd possibly need a new system for it (because the Oekaki hasn't been updated for over a year and is made for images, and idk how that's even handled/etc). And then if it's some fancy automated system then what happens with fics over than a month since their last update? (Given the no bumping rule). Unless we just drop that, hmm...
    I like this idea. As for the older fics, I personally wouldn't consider it an issue because the reader would be receiving a much wider selection of offerings which makes it much more likely that they'll find something they want to read.

    Enjoyable reading is important. More readers and more active readers might mean more reviews. However, I have no business sense and may be a very bad and deceiving person to listen to.

    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    Indeed it would. This is something I'd like to see considered; people might well start reviewing more if they knew they were going to get something of a review in exchange. Food for thought, anyway.
    I definitely would, since good critique takes work and I doubt that's anyone's idea of a relaxing evening reading. The downside would be that people who don't need critique at the time would opt out, and things might slow down. An honors system could work at first, with anyone who doesn't hold up their end of the bargain not being allowed to participate again.

    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    A little bit of research found that this idea was attempted in the Poetry section and in 2010 for FF&W in general. In Poetry, the idea was that if someone posted a poem, they would review two people's works. Those two people would, in turn, review the first one's poem. In 2010, we tried this.

    Neither idea worked.

    We'll try this idea in a few short seconds. As soon as I finish this post, I'll pick a completely random thread from the first page and sticky it. I'm sure in the course of the week, a few people will have time to review it.
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