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    Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
    When it comes to putting album art on iTunes, or whatever service you use for music, do you need to have album art on your songs? Are you an utter perfectionist when it comes to labeling and editing the details of your music?
    Does it frustrate you when it someone doesn't care about album art?
    I'm not massively OCD when it comes to things in life. Things can be in a certain order, and numbers don't need to end up in a 0 or a 5 for me not to lose sleep over them. For the most part, I'm relatively amenable to things being slightly out of whack.

    But all of that goes completely out of the window when it comes to album art on iTunes. I'm the biggest OCD-phile/aholic/whatever the term is when it comes to this. Everything. Needs. To be. CONSISTENT! Everything needs the same album cover, the songs need to have all of the same relevant information in them, and everything just needs to... fit!

    Having said that, I'm not too bothered about other people's collections. Mainly because I don't really look at them all that much, but even if I catch a glimpse on the Tube or something, I just don't care. People are different and variety is the spice of life. Not everyone can be as cray-cray as me when it comes to inconsequential stuff like consistency in album art.
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