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    Spencer - Chapter 2


    Each flurry of punches Spencer threw at the girl harbinger was easily dodged. She just didn't dodge each set of punches but she dodged each punch individually by moving her entire body. Her speed was amazing and Spencer was so caught up in attack that he didn't expect to see a palm soar to his face.

    Her palm seemed to cut through air at a high velocity and caused a distortion in the air around it. Instead of a blow being landed on his face, she paused her fist in place just centimeters from his face and the force she put behind it continued to accelerate forward, independent of her hand. Spencer gathered up resistance with his face and attempted to stand his ground firmly as the attack pushed him slowly back. It generated a strong wind and caused Spencer's hair to blow around wildly.

    He was so focused on this that the brown-haired harbinger easily managed to land a single kick without much effort. She definitely could have followed up her kick with a variety of attacks but instead she stood idle and stuck out her tongue at him. It was obvious she was just toying with him and treating this fight as a source of amusement although the impact of her foot caused Spencer to lose complete resistance against the attack.

    A loud slap noise came from the impact against Spencer's face and continued to push him back a few yards, while simultaneously, the kick would have caused Spencer's stomach to arch in if he hadn't receive equally as much force to the head.

    Spencer pivoted back as the attack pushed him back until the strength of it slowly began to wade. Spencer got his footing and immediately though of a new approach to attack. He dug his right foot in the ground and took a giant, 10 yard, horizontal leap towards the girl harbinger. Spencer raised his foot for a kick and sent up a giant wall of sand that continuously was thrown up until he swung his right leg at the harbinger, sending sand at her face. She moved below his leg and grabbed it, swinging him around 3 times before throwing him up. Before Spencer could react in mid-air, she disappeared behind him and volleyball spiked him into the ground, sending up another cloud of sand. As she fell towards the ground, she heel dropped Spencer, causing him to spit up a handful of blood up. The wall of sand began to rain down on the entire area, likely enough to last for a minute or two.


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