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    Originally Posted by LaDestitute View Post
    So, I've figured out how to work with tilesets and tileset palettes pretty much now, I've successfully replaced the default tree with my own and edited and messed around around with the greenery palette to make it a bit darker and more lush looking but I've run into a problem.

    My palette is fine, but there's this ugly little thing:

    How do I make it look like this?

    I tried recoloring the mismatched color using palette 0 (even making it transparent by coloring it black in palette 0) but to no avail. Some attempts do nothing while some botch the color and make it look worse. I have figured out which tile it is though, and it's this one (it's edited, though to make which part is doing this clearer):
    Ok, First off you have your ground (or grass w/e you call it) colour which is in palette 0, yeah?
    The ugly little thing" is in palette 11. I think palette 6 & up is originally for building but who cares.
    1st things 1st is finding the "ugly little thing" colour in the palette editor (palette 11).
    2nd thing is changing the RGB of the ugly thing which is by defualt 112,200,16 to your grass/ground colours which is found in palette 0.
    After that, load new blocks and see if it worked, just reply if you have any more problems.
    I see a red door and I want it painted black.