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Part Seventeen: Attack of the Telemarketers!
Or more requests for help from lazy people.


Okay, let's see what's on fire here.

Also this is the music for this place. It is alright, I think.

Who said that? ._., it clearly isn't.

Oh, it's you. Give more warning before your phone calls.

Bek is ever informative.

How did Sungki guess the place correctly, and know what's apparently going on the island?

Seems pretty peaceful to me...

Oh look, a...sheep thing is in distress.

Bek sure is picking up on the local lingo quickly.

Wait, who are 'they' and what do you mean about the e-wave?

Yes, just go the way you came from, Bek. Quickly, before they ask you for help!

Or... we could do that ourselves!



Luckily Sungki calls and ends this exciting and radical attempt of Bek's at thinking.

'Well... it's very green!'

Remember, Sungki just called. This question without any context must be darn confusing.


'And how much does it cost?'

No, you don't. Thanks for nothing, Sungki.

'It surely must exist so...go find it!' Sigh.

Bah, I told you to leave before they asked for help, Bek!

How boring.

What dispute? I don't see any disputing. Come, Not-Sandslash, let's go look.

So much disputing I mean just look!

Do what? But okay, I won't.

'Don't make trouble', he says, as he challenges me to a battle.

Luckily lone level 19 opponents are now pretty easy for us.

Oh, we do...

Anyways, you can beat up these rouge monsters all you want, but they just reappear when you come back so atm it's kinda pointless. =/

Instead, one should try the house!

Oh look, it's Miyor! The person Bek doesn't like much! I guess that's why he jumped straight away.

'Yep, nice to see the girl who told me to get more friends! Well, now I have a... well, a pink phone?'


That's a good question actually. Why does Miyor suddenly have a house?


Bek wisely decides to back away slowly. Although it comes off as a bit odd to do in the middle of this conversation...

Worth a shot I guess. I mean, given that we suddenly need to find such a e-monster and then suddenly bump into an old character, they must know something useful!

See? But how do you say 'Xinxi'...?

Of course, it begs the question - why didn't Miyor call this fellow up to save the day already anyways? =/

~!*one boring phone call later...*!~

Either Miyor began speaking in the middle of this after Bek started, or she talked to herself at the start. =/

And as quickly as the logic at the start of this game, she leaves.

That concludes this uneventful update! Before backtracking to Alice though we'll explore some more of Liz Island next time.