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    Iny Gage - Classroom:

    "Thanks, I'm Rosalyn Smith by the way, go by Rosie, What's your name?"

    "Iny Gage" She said a bit more confidently, now recovered from the bit of surprise. She was about to ask about the Unfamiliar looking pokemon on her desk before the teacher interrupted her.

    "Since a few of you have made it I'll go ahead and start class. My name is Sage Smith, and I'm your teacher for anything involving berries and poffins. Today's lesson is simple. I'm going to give each of you a berry and you have to identify it and write down what it does."

    "Great..." Iny thinks to herself, "better hope its a Rawst." Sure enough, It wasn't. The teacher places a familiar red berry with an odd looking stem on her desk but yet, She knows she has seen this berry before but has no clue what it does or even what its called. She looked over to the girl next to her and saw a completely unfamiliar looking berry on her desk. "Well, Could be worse." She thought to herself.

    "Once that is done you're free to go. If you have any questions just ask me. You may keep the berries by the way"

    "Looks like I get to do some research" She says to herself as she gets up to look through the books in the room. Despite her parents knowing quite a bit about berries, she herself didn't really care to learn. The only thing she knows is that Rawst berries cure nasty burns which she got to learn from experience after curing Tiba from a burn that she had cally gave him before she caught him. Her parents also gave her quite a supply to take with her considering her battle strategy revolves around burning things. She eventually came across an old looking book titled "The berries of hoenn."

    "Well Might as well start with this book. I know I've seen that thing before..." She says to herself as she walks back to her seat. She notices that the girl that was there before was gone. "Huh, She must be looking for a book. I didn't have a clue what she got." She said to herself.

    Iny started flipping through the pages of the book, hoping to find a picture that resembled the berry she got, Luckily within the first few pages she found exactly what she was looking for.

    "Ah ha! A cheri berry, thats what this is. First berry in the book too!" she cheers to herself as she starts copying what the book said about it almost word for word. "Cheri berry, This small, spicy berry has the ability to Remedy Paralysis, Despite whether it was caused by a physical blow or high exposure to electricity." She wrote down on the paper. Figuring that was enough, she but the book back on the shelf and turned her paper in at the front of the room.

    "Here is your paper Sir" She said to Professor Sage handing him the assignment. "Is that all right?"
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