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Adrian Frode

Adrian was again knocked back by his opponent as sand began to rain down on him due to Spencer's own battle, which was going about as well as Adrian's. It was frustrating to say the least, out of his many attacks on Calder not a single one could really be considered a success, the albino harbinger was more than a match for Adrian. Calder and his partner were not like the run-of-the-mill, low ranking harbinger foot soldiers that Adrian had come into contact with in his few encounters with the group - these two were at a whole new level.

Adrian ran forward fainting to his right and then slashing to the left with his sword, a move that Calder once again blocked with relative ease. Adrian wouldn't have it this time though; he ducked under the interlocked swords, shifting his grip accordingly and tried to elbow his opponent in the head. Calder countered by sweeping Adrian's feet out from under him causing him to drop to his knees, he then tried to bring the handle of his sword down on Adrian's head. Adrian defended himself by rolling onto his back and kicking the harbingers leg out from under him with a blow that would have shattered a mortal's bone.

Calder fell back onto his back
Got you! I finally got you! Adrian leapt to his feet and plunged his sword down towards Calder who blocked the charcoal blade with his blue one. He then rolled to his left, flinging Adrian's sword away from him and climbing to his feet.

"Better" the white haired warrior taunted "But not good enough." Adrian dashed to his side grabbing his swords from the ground and hurling it at Calder, he then followed up by running at Calder form behind the projectile. Again he was bested though; Calder deflected Adrian's weapon with his own in a circular motion, whipping the leg he wasn't standing on up in a kick that collided with the side of Adrian's head and sent him rolling in the direction his sword and flown. Adrian struggled back to his feet, a terrible ringing in his head from the kick.

Adrian stumbled over to his sword and picked it up from the ground, turning to face Calder in a defensive stance, only to be surprised by a large group of arrows engulfed in an eerie blue flame flying at him. Calder had grabbed a group of arrows from his quiver and, enhancing them with the magical flame, hurled them in Adrian's direction. Adrian sliced several from the air but was forced to dive out of the way due to the number and wide dispersal of projectiles. He rolled onto his feet, still suffering intense pain in his head and panting heavily.

What do I have to do to beat this guy. He looked over to Spencer fight, which was much closer to his own now due to their continuous movement to see Spencer lying on the ground, clearly alive and concious but not in a good way to say the least. This is really bad, if I take another hit to my head my vision will probably blur or I'll see double or worse case scenario pass out and Spencer is getting demolished too... not to mention there's still a demon on the loose. We are so screwed.

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