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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
I really want a Photoshop of Mewtwo holding a Nerf gun. Like, now.

I don't see why people would actually CHOOSE a forme that is weaker than the original Mewtwo. Why add it then?

I feel that you're misunderstanding my post here. I'm not saying for those form to be weaker than the original form or anything like that, really. o.o Think about this: You're talking about a form that, nine times out of ten, is probably going to be OP in some way (kind of like Shaymin-S compared to Shaymin's normal form). I'm just suggesting alternative methods so, while it would still be more powerful than it's normal form, it wouldn't be too powerful, know what I mean? ._.

Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Oh, well I wouldn't call that nerfing, more like limiting it's choices in items to one, now Gen 2 was what really Nerfed Mewtwo. Also I don't think they'll make Mewtwo hold an item as most of the formes don't require a hold item, likely it'll be a Key item.
The only really other alternate method of changing forms, I'd imagine, is something like how Deoxys change forms....though that'd be unlikely in itself. It's hard to say, because in the movie trailer, Mewtwo just outright transforms without the assistance of any item whatsoever. .___. So it's pretty hard to say how it'll transform...the only theory I'm leaning on is utilizing a move to transform, something like Calm Mind I guess (that's already been talked about here, but yeah). That's the only way I can really imagine it.

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