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Hack name: Pokemon Dark Illusion

Hack of: Emerald

Additional information about the hack: It has different story and need hard script i think with all legend with different event

Finished percentage: onlt title screen has been made

Your hacking skills: well dis is my frst hack so i dont knw much abt bt i hav learnt few things frm tutorial

What help or skill you're looking for: i hav a gud story in my mind and for dat it needs a hard script
scripters, spriter, title screen maker, beta tester, tile maker, anything
Additional contact information:
PM me, [email protected] (e-mail)
Hello guyz is there any one who knows how to change the tiles????? M thinking of changing the tiles and starting from vry beginning if any one knows how to change tiles and make a title screen plz contact me......and yeah the route will look same as the screenshot only tiles and ow's will be different anyways thx in advance