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    Added Evil Blue event for Lavender Tower arc, take a look at the screenshot to get how it plays out. Furthermore, I'm also uploading the video of that event. Cheers!

    Originally Posted by bryan_e09 View Post
    I'm looking forward for the next beta! I'm currently on the challenge for Brock and so far this is what I would like to report, dunno if this was posted before though. anyways .

    First, these two tile glitches.

    Second, this sprite of Rival just standing there, and when you try talking to it, it doesn't respond.

    Last, this reviving FULL HEAL item . lol . every time I take it, and move a step away, it comes back and its like i'm having a bagful of full heals .
    Cool! Thanks for the bug report. I've fixed all tile glitch for my next beta. See the screenshot =).

    I got no idea about the rival lol. Thanks, but where is he standing like what route?

    The infinity full heal was done intentionally to make sure player wouldn't use up all the Full Heal, so they can complete the event. Idk, luxury I suppose =).
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