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    CHROME: Pichu, come out!

    Chrome's strategy had its flaws. He wasn't above admitting that, especially at this point. He knew about the type disadvantage that Pichu had. Snivy hadn't seen a single battle, he lacked the experience. In a Gym battle, he wouldn't take that chance just yet.

    LITA: Using an electric? [moans] That reeks of desperation, sweetie.

    He didn't disagree with what she said, but he really didn't feel comfortable with the way she said it.

    LITA: Lunatone, use Rock Slide!

    The Rock Slide was relentless on Pichu as the little mouse struggled to dodge as much of the move as he could. Hit by multiple rocks, Pichu was off to a bad start.

    CHROME: Pichu, use Tackle!

    Buying time wasn't going to cut it. To make matters worse, he couldn't take the time out to check the Pokedex. All he could do is prolong the battle until he could think of his next move.

    That wasn't going to be an option for long either, as Lita's Lunatone effortlessly dodged the stalling move.

    LITA: Kinda close. Lunatone, use Stone Edge!

    Direct Hit. Not a good thing at all. Pichu was knocked back beside Chrome. Chrome's body froze.

    CHROME: Are you alright, Pichu?

    Pichu began digging through Chrome's bag. Chrome was a bit confused until he saw what Pichu pulled out.

    To stock up on things for his journey, Chrome stopped by the Nova Mall. While there, he took priority on replacing the Light Ball that Pichu smashed across Shedinja. He also thought to buy many more in case they would come across it again.

    Pichu thought this better a time to use that strategy. Chrome was hardly in a place to disagree. Pichu marched back on the battlefield, tucking the Light Ball under his skin. He then charged towards Lunatone at full speed.

    LITA: Lunatone, one more Rock Slide!

    Once again, Pichu struggled to dodge the attack. This time, a little more determined, he pushed to move faster until he was close enough to Lunatone.

    CHROME: Pichu, Fling!

    With a dirty look, Pichu flung the ball directly at Lunatone. Lunatone's lateral movement wasn't enough to dodge the ball of lightning. It flailed a bit as it hit the ground, paralyzed from the shock. For a moment, Pichu was high in celebration, another sign of his arrogance.

    LITA: Lunatone, use Psychic.

    Pichu was halted in the middle of his celebration as he flew across the room. He fell to the floor . . . fainted.

    LITA: You better start thinking of another way to earn this badge, babe.

    Reluctantly, Chrome called out his last Pokemon.

    CHROME: Come on out, Snivy.

    Chrome's words were unenthusiastic. His voice became monochromatic. Slowly, he lost a bit of hope in this battle.

    LITA: I see you've been hiding your ace. I love a man who can spring some surprise on me.

    She must have been referring to the recent rarity of Snivy, he thought.

    CHROME: Snivy, use Pound.

    Snivy gave Chrome a look of pure confusion, then a look of condescending disobedience. Instead of using the move requested, Snivy attacked with a barrage of leaves.

    Lunatone and Lita were both surprised by the move. Neither had nearly enough time to react to its speed and the hobbled Lunatone couldn't mount a strong enough psychic defense. That quick, Lunatone was rendered unconscious.

    LITA: Misdirection? You're full of things I like, kid.

    Misdirection. Right. That's totally what he was going for. Snivy directly disobeyed Chrome for his lack of knowledge towards her moveset. Chrome didn't know Snivy's move, but more so, he didn't know that a grass-type had a strength against rock-types. It seemed that the problem that he and Snivy had with experience and understanding would help him get to an even fight.

    LITA: Well, you made it this far, you better not disappoint me. Come on out, Golem!

    The feeling that Chrome got was weird. It wasn't a feeling he experienced coming into the battle. It was a sense of urgency. It would be a waste to lose now. Winning was the only option.
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