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    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    I'M GOING TO CATCH YOU RIGHT NOW. *takes out pokeball*

    Fionn, like the Pokemon Phione, right? I'm pretty sure I got the pronunciation wrong and I know that, sorry! Dx

    Well, it was at least a try, welcome aboard nonetheless! Great to see you here! I'm also a fan of Pokemon as well! Like... huuuuuuuge fan! My first game was red and it was amazing! It's alright if you don't have a favorite. That's not much of a requirement to have one! xD

    PC has great stuff for you to do, so I'm sure you'll adjust just fine! Have a great time and don't hesitate to throw me a message, alright! I love making new friends. <3 Have fun and see ya!
    I'm not that easy to catch, trainer. *narrows eyes*

    Ahahaha, just kidding! It's nice to meet you, Meganium90. Yup, Fionn as in Phione. You got that one right. Thank you for the welcome!

    I'm just getting myself settled in with the community here, and everyone's been very nice and welcoming, which is good of course. And sure, I'll drop you a message soon. See you around!
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