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    The More You Know |

    From the months of February through April, I was considerably bored and decided to work on a small musical project in my spare time. As a result, I produced the album The More You Know, a compilation of seventeen "mini-tracks" (as in each track being around 30-50 seconds long). The project was really fun to work with, especially when experimenting with an array of synthesizers and tweaking their sounds. In the end, I have created a nice, colorful palette of catchy electronic/trip-hop oriented tunes which, for the most part, are influenced by video game music of the 1990s.


    Update: I have made some final touches to a few of the tracks in order to give them a more cleaner, high-quality sound. I have also decided to make the album available to download for free if people aren't able to make the original payment of $2 CAD ($1.98 USD).