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Posts: 22,104 did I not post here yet?! That needs to be corrected right away! Welcome to PC, Fionn. :D

Oh my gosh, I remember Pokemon Crater. That game was my life for such a long time and my best real life friend played it, too. It was addicting to train and capture Pokemon, especially collecting those special-colored ones, but the downside was that the site was super slow. Don't quite remember what my first Pokemon was but I do know that I adored that game oh so much. There's actually a somewhat new site that's a remake of Crater called Pokemon Vortex - it's a lot faster than its predecessor. Thanks to your post I remembered to log back in again to check what's going on! We should totally be friends and play together over there if you make an account, hehe. <3

I'm so glad to see you've been settling in well so far! Stopping by Pokemon Clubs will be totally worthwhile since you can explore some clubs you're interested in there as a big Pokemon fan. Your interest in the franchise will hopefully be livened up even more by being here! PC might be kinda intimidating for a first forum since we're such a huge place, but I'm sure you'll settle in just fine. Doesn't take much time to understand the rules and you seem like someone who will contribute a lot here.

Make sure not to disappear or I will be sad, because you are really promising. Have a great time, Fionn! Make sure to be a poster and not a lurker, you'll have a lot of fun. n~n And by the way, Phione is adorable, though admittedly I think of Finn the human from Adventure Time when I see your name, haha.

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