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    chapter one: COLETTE / Rootdry Town.2

    The little orange bird looked up to Colette as she sat down on her knees in front of him. ‘’Tor?’’
    ‘’Um, hi! I’m Colette. I’m your new trainer!’’
    Torchic looked at her face curiously, glanced at the professor it could see in the other room, and looked back at her. ‘’Chic!’’ it said happily. It ran a circle around her and jumped into her lap.
    ‘’I guess it’s my turn now, right.’’
    Colette was surprised by the unfamiliar voice, and looked up behind her, but just then she was passed by its owner; a rather tall black-haired young man walked to the table with large steps. Colette picked Torchic up in her arms and stood up, watching the other person. He seemed to have closed his eyes to make his choice. Wait, was he choosing at random?! She had no time to consider it, for immediately after picking it up he threw the Pokéball to reveal his choice: a small Mudkip stood on the floor, looking around a little bewildered. ‘’Kip?’’ it cried.
    Colette decided it best to let them get to know each other a little bit, and returned to the professor. Pine was already waiting for the both of them, smiling, but with her arms crossed.
    ‘’I see you picked Torchic! And it seems to like you too. That’s wonderful!’’ She walked over to her desk and pulled out two extra chairs for Colette and the other person to sit on. They sat down together, Torchic on Colette’s lap. Professor Pine waited a little while for the second trainer to come out before starting her explanation. She smiled once again when she saw said trainer walk toward them.
    ‘’And you took.. Mudkip! I see. I hope he will become a valuable companion to you as well as a strong fighter!’’ She paused so he could join them. Colette smiled at him and tried to say ‘hi’ softly, but combined with her shyness it ended up as a whisper. Slightly embarrassed, she turned to the professor to listen.
    ‘’Now, the both of you need to understand that the mission you’re being sent out on isn’t going to be an easy one. As you know, Team Plasma, the evil organisation that threatened Unova before has resurrected once again, this time stronger than ever before. With their leader Ghetsis’ Genesect, they shot and killed White, and managed to capture Kyurem as a result. Combined, their strength is overwhelming, and they caused great havoc in Unova already.’’
    ‘’Yes, I’m aware.’’ Colette said. ‘’I was in Castelia City at the time of their attack, you see…’’
    ‘’You were? That’s… Hm. I see. In that case, you should be fully aware just how large a threat we’re facing at this point in time. We may have successfully evacuated the Unova Region, but there is no guarantee that Plasma won’t follow us here – in fact, I’m quite certain they will.’’
    ‘’And that is the reason we will be sent out, isn’t it? To follow in White’s footsteps, to make Team Plasma disappear once and for all this time…’’ Colette murmured as she looked down at the Torchic in her lap. ‘’Chic!’’ it chirped as it looked back at her excitedly. At that, Colette held the Torchic a little tighter against her. At the time of the attack, her Pokémon hadn’t exactly been weak. She had been travelling for a while, but Colette was far from being an Ace Trainer. Was there enough time to establish a completely new team from scratch that would be able to defeat Ghetsis? Images from Castelia flashed before Colette’s eyes, imagining what would happen to if she couldn’t…

    She snapped out of it when another trainer came running into the room. ‘’Sorry I’m late Professor!’’ He quickly walked on through to the room where the Pokéballs were being kept. He apparently took one and was about to hightail it back out of the room. ‘’Who are you again?’’ The professor said.
    ‘’Frank Hul! Got to go!’’
    The professor quickly checked the list on her table. ‘’You’re not on my list…’’ she said, her eyes swiftly moving through the list again to make sure.
    The door slammed shut. The Professor ran into the Pokéball room and finally it dawned on her what actually happened. ‘’He stole the Totodile! Can you go after him?’’
    Torchic chirped as Colette stood up from her chair and put her little Pokémon back in its ball. ‘’Yes!’’ She started walking towards the door hurriedly, but then turned around to face the other trainer, and continued walking backwards.
    ‘’I'm Colette. Come with me! ...Please!’’
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