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    Rootdry Town
    Javier Serrano

    The Mudkip looked around the lab, with a little fright in its eyes. It? How am I supposed to know if this Pokémon is a male or female? Javier decided to just stick with ‘it’ for the meantime, or until he determined if the Pokémon is of either gender.

    And you took.. Mudkip! I see. I hope he will become a valuable companion to you as well as a strong fighter!’’ So, it is a ‘he’. The other trainer was already sitting on one of the chairs pulled out by Professor Pine. The Torchic was on her lap. The trainer tried to smile, but it turned to be an awkward grin. “Come, sit.” Javier took the seat next to the trainer.

    Now, the both of you need to understand that the mission you’re being sent out on isn’t going to be an easy one. As you know, Team Plasma, the evil organisation that threatened Unova before has resurrected once again, this time stronger than ever before. With their leader Ghetsis’ Genesect, they shot and killed White, and managed to capture Kyurem as a result. Combined, their strength is overwhelming, and they caused great havoc in Unova already.’’ Javier already knew this. Because of Plasma’s terrorism (what else is it?) people from Unova were forced to move to Xyuim. Javier suddenly remembered his grandparents. He started to space out when Pine said, “We may have successfully evacuated the Unova Region, but there is no guarantee that Plasma won’t follow us here – in fact, I’m quite certain they will.’’

    It’s our turn to fight. I never wanted any of this. But hey, it’s an adventure. The trainer beside him was looking at her Torchic. He could see a flash of fear in her eyes. Javier knew that it was really frightening to confront a whole terrorist organization all by yourself, and he could see why. Javier looked at Mudkip. It looks so weak and in order for them to defeat Plasma, they need to train really hard, day in and day out. Javier does not know how long that will take, but it will surely not take a week. Could I do it?

    You’re not on my list…’’ Pine once againt stopped Javier’s train of thoughts. A messy-looking guy was about to leave the room, holding one of the Pokeballs. Pine sounded anxious as she checked the list of, probably, the new trainers’ names.

    Sorry!’’ The guy just ran out the room, holding the Pokeball. Professor Pine headed towards the Pokeballs and exclaimed, “He stole the Totodile! Can you go after him?” The other trainer called her Torchic back. Javier did the same, but she was already halfway out the door when Javier rose from his seat. She turned around and said, “[b]I’m Colette. Come with me, please!” Javier nodded and followed her.

    death to plasma?

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