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I would let them in, and get them something to eat. It's how I was raised.

My grandparents started a foodshelf out of their own pocket, and now it's a pretty established mission in the community. My grandma (died two years ago) would say "You never know when Jesus is going to come to your door asking for help. You might not know it's him, he might not say who he is, but you help him anyways."

Thing is, this exact situation, is something that happened in my family a lot. I'd be at my grandma's, chilling with my uncle and then a man in raggy clothes would knock on the door saying he had no where to go. My grandma would let him in, feed him half the bloody kitchen, then show him the bathroom and guestroom. There was hardly a time that there wasn't a stranger or two there. Lots of times they were the mother or father of families we'd helped, or they were literally someone who rang the door bell. Lead to meeting some really cool people, and some really... interesting... ones. Teens running away from bad homes, pregnant women with no idea where to go, homeless vets, anyone could come over and be welcome. Some even stayed for a few weeks.

Sometimes even local cops would stop by for lunch.

I'm don't believe in religion or god anymore, I'm atheist, but that doesn't mean that part of that lesson didn't stick with me. I help others whenever I can, however I can. So I'd invite him in, offer him whatever food I could, maybe a soda or some water, and sit down and talk.

I have a shotgun anyways so if he tried anything...
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