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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
These are two separate suggestions, right? The first is that there should be a setting which toggles between "amount of money lost in a battle is half your money" and "amount of money lost in a battle depends on your highest levelled Pokémon and your number of badges"... correct?

As for the second suggestion, is that a thing that happens for every "can continue afterwards" battle in modern games? I know it happens for the first rival battles at the start (tested in RB, FRLG and BW), but how other "can continue afterwards" battles that aren't supposed to be as friendly? I'm sure there must be some.
Yes, correct! I made the post a bit of confusing, isn't? XD

I don't remember about these non-friendly battles, but if these are relevant, how about a seventh battle parameter that works even when the sixth is false?
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