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It's... kinda effective?
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Hughesnet sucks. But it is better then dialup. At least.

I'm planning to cancel and get internet through Centurylink. On paper, my speeds through Hughesnet are 2 Mbs. In practice though the high ping negates the majority of that speed. What I'd get from Centurylink would etiher be 75% or just under half (Two avaliable to me, 1.5 Mbs and 768 Kbs) of what my current, stated, speed is but the much, much, lower ping would let me get more use out of it. That and not having a daily download limit. (250 MB a day. Thankfully their is a free download period... I make heavy use of that.)

Either one would be slow speeds but still... Would be usable. Most of the games I want to play mp on again are older ones so they wouldn't require high speeds anyway.
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