Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon The Legend of Anbuja
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Anbuja... you have choked me to death by showing pure awesomeness... I will not be your friend anymoar.....

Dammit I guess the flair is graphics for you
You must be hackin since '10 n learnt a lot of stuff... just a little more time in and you could make this the HotY. But you'd better believe it to make it be, kay?

Uh, letscelebrate! *shows beer*

BTW we need a Anbuja Awesome Skill Protection Program (AAAPP) for people like me and Ash493 cuz we are too sensitive to this kind of stuff lol.
Kidding aside, I guz you musta brought in sum medals!!!

BTW did you pursooade Pedro to hack againnn? (And nice scripts lol)